Cosmic Blueprint: Unleashing Your Human Design Adventure

Unveil the fundamental principles and concepts behind Human Design. Explore the origins, purpose, and fascinating intricacies of this enlightening system that merges Western Astrology, the I Ching, and quantum physics.

5 Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Human Design

A short introduction to Human Design and the fundamental principles it has been built on

Module 2: Different Energy Types

Discover the basic differences and characteristics of each Human Design Energy Type, Manifestor, Generator (and Manifesting Generator), Projector & Reflector

Module 3: "Human Design Gates and Channels"

Gates and channels are represented by numbers and channels (lines) respectively. They each have different meanings and associations.

Module 4: "Difference between Personality and Design"

In this module, we have a look at the difference between these to aspects, Personality & Design on your chart.

Module 5: Expand on Your Journey

Embark on this adventure of self-discovery with "Cosmic Blueprint: Unleashing Your Human Design Adventure."

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