Disentangling You with Michelle

Once you have signed up you will get access to my diary to book the best time for a call. You can book a spot directly in my Calendly. 

    I love understanding human behaviour and providing others with a more holistic view of themselves and the world around them to connect them to their own inner wisdom. 

    Disentangling You is available at HALFPRICE to members of the Wisdom Seekers Society. Join us!

    I'd love to go on a bit of an adventure with you. Disentangling you and releasing your magic to the world. 

    Once you have signed up you will get access to my diary to book the best time for a call. You can book a spot directly in my Calendly for up to an hour and a half session. Please follow the modules to submit some more information about you. You will also receive an email, so please check your spam if not in your inbox. 

    The email will provide you with the necessary forms and information. That is also where I'll be able to communicate further steps and reminders with you.

    I love finding the puzzle pieces with you so we can get you to connect to your own inner wisdom. 

    Understanding human behaviour and supporting others in connecting with their own energy is my passion. 

    I have an Honours Degree in Psychology, a PGCE and a BPsych Equivalent. I have worked in psychometrics, Education and the medico-legal field for many years. 

    Over the past few years, I have been working virtually in content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (on-page and off-page) and all aspects of content creation and self-transformation. 

    I have been delving into meditation, philosophy and disentangling myself a lot! I'd love to see how we can disentangle you together. 

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    Disentangling you. Let me know what you'd like to chat about. Book your first session and complete the details so I can be as prepared as possible.

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